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Teclado Yamaha Montage 6 - Sintetizador - 61 teclas - 2 USB + MIDI

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Brand: Yamaha

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Yamaha Montage 6 · Synthesizer

Yamaha presents a unique synthesizer flagship and defines the segment for Stage and Studio Pianos. Motion Control Synthesis engine with FM-X and AWM2 tone generation and controllers that allow a completely new interaction with sounds and sound shaping, MONTAGE is one of the most flexible synthesizers ever.

To recognize the dimension of the MONTAGE against the Motif XF here are the accessories that compares the MONTAGE Synthesizer to the Motif XF synthesizer and sampler:

Waveform ROM 5.67 GB (Motif XF 741 MB)

It should be mentioned that only the piano sample of the

MONTAGE with more than 1 GB is greater than the entire waveform ROM from the Motif XF. The MONTAGE offers 6,347 Waveforms, 2,370 in the Motif XF.

1.75 GB flash ROM is factory installed in the MONTAGE (no flash ROM with the Motif XF- only optional)

640 User Performances over 512 at Motif XF

5,120 Library performances (not in the Motif XF) Seamless Switching Sound (SSS) for performances with up to 8 parts (smooth transition when switching performance) - With the Motif XF the sound was cut off when switching.

Dual insert effects for each of the 16 parts (in the Motif XF only 4 parts with 2 insert effects)

10,000 new arpeggios

8 simultaneous arpeggio Parts ( Motif XF only 4)

8 Scenes per performance ( was not yet in the Motif XF, were parts changed, a new track would have to be saved)

Master keyboard functions for each performance (Motif XF was only possible in master mode)


- Work Station

- Synthesis: FM-X- und AWM2-Klangerzeugung

- Keyboard: FSX Synthesiser-Action-keyboard with Aftertouch

- Keys: 61 keys

- Aftertouch: yes

- Polyphony: 128

- Effects: Reverb, Variation, Insertion, Master Effect, Mater EQ, 1st part EQ, 2nd part EQ

- Sequencer: 16-Track Sequencer

- Special Features: Seamless Sound Switching for uninterrupted switching

- Memory: USB Flash drive

- USB / MIDI: MIDI In/Out/Thru, USB to Device, USB to Host

- Playing Aids: Modulation, Pitch Bend, Ribbon Controller, 8x Control Slider and Knobs, Super Knob

- Wave ROM: 5,67 GB Waveform-ROM, 1,75 GB Flash-ROM

- Display: 7" Touchscreen

- Pedal/Controller Connection: Foot Controller x 1, Foot Switch x 2 (Sustain/ definable)

- Other Connections: 1x Phones, Output (L, R), Assignable Output, Input (L, R)

- Colour / Finish: Black

- Size (WxHxD): 1037 x 131 x 396 mm

- Weight: 15,0 kg


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